Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I wish I could wake up tomorrow with a nice new shiny button on my belly. A button I can push and change my size and appearance. One day I could be skinny. The next day I could be fat. Life would be so cool that way. You could try on a new size every day. Wake up and say hmmm I would like to be a super obese person today and just press the magic button or maybe you would like to be as skinny as a super model, well what are you waiting for go ahead and push that magic button, if life were that easy. Instead I have to keep living in this fat body that I created all by myself from over eating and shoving the food down my throat like I was starving and have never ever ate anything in my entire life. I wish I could lose the weight as fast as I gained it, but life just isn’t that easy. I have been eating better since March 2012 and I have managed to lose 28lbs. I still have many more pounds to go, but I plan on being at my goal weight by my 40th birthday, which is in April of 2013. I can’t wait to be happy and healthy. I will be there before I know it. I told my daughter I am just going to pretend that I am pregnant and I will be giving birth to a way happier healthy me in about 10 months, it is just like being pregnant only you eat much better and healthier like you should if you are pregnant. I can still dream about that magic button that everyone should have installed on them.

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