Thursday, January 26, 2012


The bible says hell is repetition. So, I think that you are born over and over again and made to live on earth until you eventually learn to follow the right path and make it back to heaven. Earth is hell. It is full of pain and suffering and yes even some happiness.

Here is what I think happens when you die; as our souls are recycled and our old bodies are returned to the earth. The light at the end of tunnel, the warm heavenly, happy feelings is actually you being born again. You see all the happy people while you are being reborn again and again. Your soul comes back in a new body, another baby. Maybe one life you may get it right and be able to go live with God in heaven, maybe not. It is your choice.

If it is not your time to go and you die, I think you remain on earth as a ghost (soul) and when it is your time to die you get to come back by being born again. The process then starts all over again. You get another chance to live and go in the right direction and that direction is towards God. Just remember hell is repetition. Being born over and over again is repetition and living on this earth is hell to most people. All the pain, suffering, and terrible things most of us go through in our life and the worst thing of all is your death. Death is a horrible thing and very hard to deal with. Death eventually hurts everyone at some point in your lives, but you get another chance.

I also think that people that get hurt real bad and suffer amnesia actually died and another soul entered their body on accident or there wasn’t a baby’s body to enter at that precise moment in time so the soul took whatever body it could find. That new soul was supposed to enter a baby’s body and it didn’t so now the soul has to relearn everything all over again just as it would in a baby’s body. Everything is repetition.

This is just my theory. I am not trying to make you follow God. That is your choice, not mine. This is just what I think in my mind. It does not mean that it is real at all.

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