Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 more days to go.....

CAT111 is going to be over in two days. I wish some more of the classmates would upload their project 5 in the critique section so I can comment on them before class ends in two days. I hope everyone is finished with their blogs. Here is one last link to some images of Cool Artwork . I found them on google.


  1. I'm working as fast as I can :) I finished my model, I just have to put it in Google Earth. :)

  2. Very nice pool.. I like the shape and the textures make it realistic. It has been nice working with you. Good luck to you in the fall.

    take care,
    Bob Snead

  3. Yeaaa I kno rite, it seems like this semester has been foreva but at the same time its gone by pretty fast (crzy rite?)...Now its time to really sit bck and enjoy summer. You really set the tone for everybody in this class I think you were the first one done every assignment, I was like dang she gotta slow dwn, you makin the rest of us look bad (lol), but hey aite nuffin wrong wit gettin it done and out the way. But yea great job this semester, Good luck with everything afta this class.

    Akye Butcher

  4. Naaa only up to project 4... 4 and 5 I was kinda in for it. But it all worked out. :D